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Recommended CFIs and Flight Schools in the Hampton Roads, VA area

- Andy Johnson -

- Curtis Eads Flight School -

FAA Designated Pilot Examiners, Hampton Roads, VA area

- Mike Gwinn -

- John Phelps -


FAA Regulations and Standards

-Federal Aviation Regulations for Certification of Pilots - FAR 61

-Federal Aviation Regulations for General Operating and Flight Ops - FAR 91

-Tailwheel Training - FAR 61.31(i)

-Military Comp - FAR 61.73

-Airman Certification Standards and Practical Test Standards -


Pilot Supplies and Shopping

GreyCat Aviation is an Aircraft Spruce approved dealer.  Please contact us for any of your aircraft shopping needs.

-Aircraft Spruce -


Study Resources

I highly recommend the FAA textbooks.  Not only are they the source material for the FAA written and practical exams, they are well written and easy to use...and free for download.  


-General Knowledge

-Aeronautical Information Manual

-FAA Manuals Online

-Sport, Private and Commercial

-Airplane Flying Handbook

-Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge


-Instrument Flying Handbook

-Instrument Procedures Handbook

-Certified Flight Instructor

-Aviation Instructor's Handbook

-Airline Preparation

-Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot (not an FAA text, but a must have!)


Flight Planning

-Skyvector -


-NOAA Aviation Weather Service -

-Foreflight (iPad and iPhone app) -

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