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N40795 - 1941 Piper J-5A Cub Cruiser



The Piper J-5 'Cub Cruiser' (Army L-4F) is a larger, more powerful version of the Piper J-3 Cub. It was designed just two years after the J-3 Cub and differed by having a wider fuselage with the pilot sitting in the front seat and two passengers sitting in the rear seat. Originally equipped with a 75-hp Continental engine, the plane's cruising speed was 75 mph. Though officially a three-seater, it would be more accurately described as a "two-and-a-half-seater", as two adults would find themselves quite cramped in the wider rear seat.  The Cub Cruiser originally sold for $1,995.


N40795 characteristics

N40795 is a J-5A Cub Cruiser built by Piper Aircraft in Lock Haven, PA in September, 1941.  Updated and modified over the years to enhance performance and range, the big yellow Cub now has a Continental C-85-12F, a PA-11 pressure cowl and dual 18 gal wing tanks.  Flights into towered fields are a breeze with a modern radio, two place intercom and Mode C transponder.  


-Crew: one

-Capacity: two passengers

-Length: 22 ft 6 in 

-Wingspan: 35 ft 6 in 

-Height: 6 ft 10 in 

-Empty weight: 940 lb 

-Gross weight: 1,450 lb 

-Powerplant: 1 × Continental C-85-12F four cylinder, horizontally-opposed aircraft engine, 85 hp 

-Propellers: 2-bladed aluminum

-Maximum speed: 104 mph 

-Cruise speed: 95 mph 

-Stall speed: 42 mph 

-Range: 500+ mi


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Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) - A-725

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